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New! Pet insurance

1 day pet insurance - only 1 EUR!

From now on Boop offers pet insurance with every care option ordered through the app! Even more protection and trust for you. We will compensate, if your:

  • Pet becomes ill or injured
  • Pet gets lost
  • Pet does harm to others

App Features

Easy booking

You can easily search activities and care options and order directly from the app. Care giver will be informed about your request and will be able to accept it.

Trusted members

Boop ensures that every care giver in our app is identity verified. Also, we have reviews and rating that can help you to select the best one.

People near you

Indicate a meeting location on the map, so you can search around and meet people that are closest to you and offering or looking for pet care.

Simple payments

We have integrated payment into our app, so it is very simple to pay or receive money for the service. You can pay by debit or credit card and receive money directly to your bank account.

Donate food

Make a difference with Donations. With each of your transaction, we will donate a portion of food to a pet shelter you care about and watch happy animals every month.

Buyer refund

If you will not get a service you agreed on, we will be able to help you here and refund you. Each case is treated separately and you need to inform us within 2 days after agreed care time.

Make money by caring for the animals

Anyone and anywhere can start caring for other Pets. Simply find someone around you who needs help with the animal.

If you have experience caring for animals, share your knowledge and skills with others, become a Caregiver! Get the best emotions, do what you love and make money out of it.

It is up to you to decide what Care Options to perform. Boop brings together Caregivers from a variety of backgrounds to share their life experiences, thoughts and knowledge about Pets with Pet Owners.

Maybe you are walking not only your own but also your neighbors dogs? Maybe you can clip kittens' nails stress-free? Or maybe your home has a soft unused pet bed that is just waiting to be laid out? We are waiting for you at "Boop!"

How should you value your competence and time? Well, you are an expert here, you decide that. Everything on our platform is about love for Pets and their care. Really, it’s not just about filling your pockets, it’s a journey to a better tomorrow.

Anyone, anywhere, can start taking care of people's pets. Simply search nearby pet owners that are in a need.

About us

Boop is an app to connect Pet Owners and Pet Caregivers to allow them to connect and share Care Options for their Pets.

Startup was originally born in Lithuania, inspired by the love of all kinds of animals, sharing a vision to help and take care of our beloved ones when we are not able to.

Name for the app came as an idea common in the pet lovers community: from producing a high-pitched beeping sound, usually when gently or playfully booping others, especially on the nose (the action is performed only if the Pet so wishes). Boop!

Share your experience caring for animals, expand your connections. We invite everyone who wants to be a part of a community that loves animals and everything related to them to join!

Frequently Asked Questions